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Performance di Fiore Riccardo & C.

ufficioperformanceinterno.jpgThe Society is built in 2004 with the aim to offer a flexible solution at the problem connected to the performances of the services. The third Sector, in the advance Societies, become more and more a centre of ideas, experiences, innovations, planning, advising, and engages all the development and economy fields. In the economic-financial and production field, the necessity to obtain  an optimal  and convenient relationship between Costs and Benefits, brings to search external competences: that is professional persons who, if it's necessary, carry their specific experiences. All that   presupposes a tightened intercommunication with Companies, in way that everything function as a system, behind which there is  a developped need , a plan and some experts who are in a position to  manage in a flexible way. This flexibity search must naturally extend to the application of new technologies, information, technical management  and to  everything turns out to the complementary needs of a Company.