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Electro-Medical Devices
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10010  linear accelerators for therapy

10020 accessories for electro diagnostic  

10030 accessories for radiology

10040 acupuncture

10050 other equipment electro medical

10060 anaesthesia - apparatuses and accessories

10070 angiography - apparatuses and accessories

10080 anthropometry - instruments

10090 apparatuses to vhf for therapy

10100 diagnostic apparatuses for evoked answers

10105 apparatuses and instruments for E.N.T.

10110 apparatuses and instruments for gynaecology

10111 cardiothography  

10112 seat relax for psycho prophylaxes

10113 relaxant stool knows it delivery

10114 bed from delivery type vitalux with acc.

10120 apparatuses electro chirurgical

10125 active apparatuses implantable

10130 apparatuses for crio surgery

10140 apparatuses for vestibular examinations

10145 apparatuses for aesthetic medicine

10150 apparatuses for inhalations and aerosol

10160 apparatuses for laser therapy

10170 apparatuses for magneto therapy

10180 apparatuses for Marconi therapy

10190 apparatuses for measures bio metric  

10200 apparatuses for neonatology

10210 apparatuses for oculistic -ophthalmology

10230 apparatuses for radar therapy

10240 apparatuses for x-ray  

10250 apparatuses for thermo graphic

10260 apparatuses for ultrasound therapy

10270 apparatuses for vacuum therapy

10275 equipment of diagnostic for images

10280 equipment of measurement of the cardiac catheterism

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